Telephone fraud for international student insurance is frequently staged

Source: admin Release Time: 05:29:53 2018-12-01

The latest new phone scams have emerged. The targets of this scammer are aimed at international students around the world who use their excuses to sell insurance for international students. Our phone number was deceived by a notorious telemarketing company that used to call individuals in the United States and around the world. Individuals who receive calls from these telemarketers are also victims of this scam and should not disclose any personal information.

The FCC defines illegal deception as follows: "Caller ID spoofing is when a caller intentionally falsifies information transmitted to your caller's display to mask their identity. Deception is often used as part of deceiving someone to reveal valuable personal information. Therefore, it can be used for fraudulent activities or illegal sales, but it can also be used legally, for example, to display the company's toll-free number.

Please note that we do not call potential customers for business, and we will never ask you for personal information over the phone. If you receive abusive calls, the call is not from us - even if you call back from the caller ID and it points to us. Instead, fraudulent callers have deceived our numbers.

We have reported this to the FCC and the FTC for investigation. We regret that this may have caused you any inconvenience and are doing everything possible to stop you from continuing to do so. You can learn more about robocalls and scams from the Federal Trade Commission, and you can use the same link to report abuse calls.