Household gas meter failure phone scam

Source: admin Release Time: 04:04:23 2018-12-14

Three Piedmont Electric members have recently been contacted by a fraudulent entity claiming their electric meter is faulty and needs to be replaced or their electricity would be cut off. They are being told to purchase a green dot MoneyPak Prepaid card for a certain dollar amount and to call an 888 or 800 toll-free number. If you are ever contacted by someone representing themselves as Piedmont Electric always verify by calling us at 800.222.3107 to confirm this is not a scam or potential fraud.

If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent Piedmont Electric, who wants a payment, request you purchase a prepaid card, wants to come to your home or asks for personal information; such as, your social security number, bank routing number, PIN number, passwords, or any financial account information, first call Piedmont EMC at 800.222.3107 to verify if it’s a scam, and then call your local authorities to report it!

Other Scams Being Reported Include: Imposters threatening to cut off electric service if you don’t pay up fast! Claims that there’s a problem with the electric meter that could result in a fire. Claims that the government is providing credits to pay your electric bill in exchange for account numbers. Insisting that you meet a co-op rep at various locations to make an immediate payment. Insisting that you pay over the phone with a prepaid debit card, such as a “Green Dot” card. Call Piedmont EMC at 800.222.3107 if you receive any suspicious calls claiming that they are Piedmont EMC. Please protect yourself against these scams!