Do 10 things to protect your phone securit

Source: admin Release Time: 09:40:50 2018-12-30

1. Use strong lock screen security iPhone lock screen: Other security options can be found by tapping Passcode Options or Add a Fingerprint. On Android the options will vary depending on your device, but you're looking for something along the lines of Security or Lock Screen Security in the settings menu.

2. Lock your apps On Android there are various apps, such as App Lock, which let you add a separate PIN, password or fingerprint lock to apps of your choice. iOS more apps are starting to include Touch ID as a way to lock them down, which is great news if you're concerned.

3. Log out of apps and services So an easy way to make your phone more secure is to log out of things when you're not using them, especially banking and shopping apps that include bank account data, or your email accounts.

4. Use a password manager There are various password managers to choose from, such as LastPass and Dashlane, and you'll find them on your app store of choice.

5. Use antivirus Smartphones are far less at risk from viruses and other malware than PCs, but there is still some danger. An antivirus app can help keep you protected from malicious software by scanning apps, websites and files, thereby keeping your device and the accounts it's logged into secure.

6. Don't jailbreak or use unofficial app stores

7. Avoid public networks Another way people can access your device or data remotely is over an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

8. Encrypt your communications If you're really serious about security you can go beyond encrypting your Wi-Fi and also encrypt your communications. From iMessage to WhatsApp, many popular services offer this for messaging as standard.

9. Make sure you can remotely track your phone If your phone is lost or stolen you still have options, as both Android and iOS enable you to track your handset.

10. Download extra security software Android Device Manager and Find My iPhone are useful services, but there are more fully-featured apps available.