How to identify a scam phone number guide

Source: robokiller Release Time: 02:58:55 2019-01-22

In June 2018, the United States dialed 4.5 billion robocalls to mobile and landline telephones. This is nearly 18 robocalls for everyone! It's not hard to understand why robocalls are the number one complaint of the 2017 Federal Trade Commission. A total of 7,157,370 complaints against looters and telemarketers. Despite this, the robocall epidemic is deteriorating.

Fortunately, there are some solutions that can help you defend against the proliferation of intrusive, annoying robocalls.

So how do you know that you received a spam call? You will find a lot of blocked, private and restricted numbers on your phone, all of which are fake calls. These may be telemarketers, scammers, pranksters, and even harassers. The most common are:

IRS: Unfortunately, this is probably one of the most common scams for older people. You will receive an "IRS" call telling you that you have received a final notice of your arrears. If you don't pay the money, you will be sentenced to jail. These scammers know that people are afraid of tax officials and want their impulse to call fake numbers and correct the situation. Technical support: This is another growing scam. It is aimed at people who don't know computers. You will receive a phone pretending to be supported by Microsoft, they will inform you that your computer has been stolen and you need to download special software to protect yourself. With this solution, callers can easily access your credit card information. Sweepstakes: Callers who “free” or “low cost” holidays and other sweepstakes claim that you have won the final hidden costs. Often, they simply prompt for personal information, such as home addresses or even credit card information. Never provide personal information to these callers, especially by phone. Is there any easy way to determine if a call is really a scam? It may be difficult to immediately identify the intent of the caller who is not prompted.

1. You have been specially selected (this offer). 2. If you purchase our products, you will receive a free bonus. 3. You have won one of the five valuable prizes. 4. This investment risk is low and the rate of return is higher than anywhere else. 5. You must make up your mind immediately. 6. We will only charge shipping and handling fees to your credit card. 7. Don't want to receive these scam calls? This is how you can stop them. 8. The easiest way to minimize fraudulent calls is to carefully monitor incoming calls.

First, do not answer calls from unknown numbers. If the information is important or urgent, the caller may leave a voicemail or find other ways to contact you via a new digital channel such as email.