When you suspect or encounter immigration fraud, the information below will help you

Source: admin Release Time: 14:28:19 2019-02-05

Have you been a victim of an immigration services scam and need help? You can report fraud to the Federal Trade Commission. You can also file a complaint in your state. In the following table, we have included information on where to report scams in your state, as well as links to the laws that protect you. Remember that reporting scams will not affect your immigration application or request. In addition, many states allow you to report fraud anonymously. Please help us stop the unauthorized practice of immigration law by facing frauds and denouncing them.

Find where you live: Map of United States and territories Disclaimer: USCIS collected information on the state and territory of the official government websites of the 50 US states. UU., The District of Columbia and the US territories. UU Although we try to verify the information contained in these lists, we can not guarantee the accuracy of all phone numbers, web addresses and other information. https://www.uscis.gov/es/evite-estafas/reporte-estafas-de-inmigracion