Zealand people are suffering from international phone scams

Source: admin Release Time: 06:27:27 2018-12-05

Did the New Zealander recently receive a call that received a ringing tone? The scam seems to be a missed international call, and if people call back the call, they charge the user a huge international fee. New Zealand Mobile warned people not to call back unknown calls.

In fact, this scam is not complicated, but it is affecting mobile phone users from multiple international networks. This scam is computer generated and can hardly stop because the calling number changes every time.

"You start off with 001001 and that doesn't ring so you go through to 001002 and that one rings, great we've got a live number, then they try 001003 and they just make their way up the number range until they hit out numbers.

"So I presume they've reached the +64 bracket, which is New Zealand, and they're trying all the numbers they can find", he said. Eventually the scammers will move on to target other international numbers, he said.

Customers who have returned unknown international phone calls should check their phone bills and contact their network if they've been affected, he said.