Please pay special attention to the special scams of Japanese mobile phones and landline phones!

Source: admin Release Time: 03:05:42 2019-01-04

There was a phone call from the special fraud group to the mobile phone. I immediately doubted with the information I saw on Twitter before, so I think that I will write as well. I have consulted with the police. In addition to the tweet "Tweet", I am posting the following sentences in the image.

Since then I have arranged difficult words, "I'll call you back after consulting the neighbors' police box. I could not call without saying anything. After checking it, it was an incoming call from IP phone starting from 050, so I sent it to the nearest police station. If you ask the police · Do not call by IP phone. Even if you call me, the last 3 digits should be 110 number. · Even if you call me, I try to call you back at the beginning. That is. If you take a bad phone, I will cut off once and consult with the police is safe

This tweet has been retweeted more than 26,000 times and is diffusing, and there are reactions such as "There were similarities", "There are frauds that fake lawyers and fake police", for example.

The police do not call from the IP phone, police officers corresponding to Mr. Ori said that the last three digits of the police station is 110, but when I asked the police officials about this matter

"IP phone has not been reported by the police, but it is not necessarily that there are no police actually using even though the introduction record is not necessarily reported, and the phone number of the police station is For example, the Miyakejima police station of the Metropolitan Police Department may have the end at 0511 or the local four-digit of the telephone number of the police station is not necessarily unified by 0110. Is it really a phone call from the police By examining the department etc) it is not necessarily guided by the police, but it is an effective means "

And things. Since phones with functions for special fraud have been added to fixed-line phones for home use, instead of reducing fraud on fixed-line phones, direct attacks on mobile numbers that individuals can easily identify It is expected that examples will be increased in the future. The criminal group who obtained the list of personal information will change the fraud method from the age of personal information you got more than when you attacked the fixed phone indiscriminately.

When suddenly called full name from uninteresting number, if you give out the name of the police, you may panic and you may be heard personal information and account number as guided by the other party. There is also the possibility of directing net banking and transfer to ATM as it is. In the case of Mr. Ori this time it is that he was wary of seeing it as a fraud and hence no further damage or the like has come out.

Let's talk to the nearest police off after you make a phone calling for such unfamiliar money. In case of the opponent who calls the police, please always listen to the police signature, affiliation and class, call the representative number of the police station and the number "# 9110" for the consultation counter. It is a nationwide common telephone number directly connected to the counseling desk of police consultation room etc. in each prefecture that jurisdiction of the area, so it is not necessary to dial 110 that requires urgency, but # 9110 is effective (weekdays 8: 30 am ~ 5: 15 pm · It differs at each prefectural police headquarters).